Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cheers to the Birthday Girl!!!!

Please join me in wishing our very own Guelcys a Happy Birthday!!!! 

I am thankful every day that, by serendipity, we became 'Cakes With Attitude' and I couldn't ask for a better partner in crime ;)   I hope you have an awesome day, my friend!!!!!


Friday, September 23, 2011

With a Little Help From My [30-year old] Friends...

Making cakes for friends is doubly-rewarding because, not only do you get to make them something awesome, you then get to share the celebration with them.  Here are some of my friend's recent 30th birthday celebrations that we have been part of in the past year.

When our good friend Vilma (who's a huge Disney fan) turned the big 3-0, she planned a trip to Epcot's Food & Wine Festival to mark the big occasion. The guests included the birthday girl, her husband, his two brothers and their wives, Guelcys and her husband, my parents (who happened to be visiting from Philly), my hubby, my princess, and I.  We all had such a blast!  And managed to surprise her with an Hermes purse and shoe cake, complete with lip gloss, a Disney pin, and a Disney Charm bracelet.

She didn't think she was getting a cake since we had to drive it 3.5 hours away to Orlando, but for was our pleasure! 
Love you, V!

Another friend and musician, ViTo, recently turned 30 and we were asked to make a music-themed cake for his party.  We designed his cake complete with a personalized marquee, and a stage featuring a sugar stool, microphone, set list, and a sugar replica of his guitar.  It was a big hit!

Finally, Brett (my co-worker), who is originally from Denver, got this Broncos cake topped with a personalized "30" jersey.  We got lucky that #30 for the Denver Broncos was Terrell Davis (a great player) and not a player that Brett would have been offended to share this jersey with...LOL.

I also surprised Guelcys with an Owl/Cherry Blossom Cake for her last birthday - but I'll let her tell you about it one day ;)


Monday, September 12, 2011

Bulldog Pride...

I don't think I've shared the fact that my hubby is a teacher at Braddock High School (The Bulldogs).  [Side note: our very own Guelcys and my hubby, are both alumni]  Since his co-workers and students all know that 'Server's wife makes cakes', CWA has had the privilege of being part of some of their events.  Here are a few of the cakes we've done that have a Braddock connection.

This cake was for the 2011 National Honor Society end-of-year banquet.  The theme of the event was Dr. Seuss and we were asked to incorporate the theme into the cake and this is what we came up with to highlight three famous Seuss stories: 'One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish', 'The Cat in the Hat', and 'Horton Hears a Who'.

Did I mention that the hubby is also the Braddock Girls' Soccer Coach?  Just this summer, the team participated in a tournament and when it wrapped up, all the teams had a celebratory BBQ.  We were asked to provide dessert :)  The ball is made of cake and the cleat is 100% sugar.  The sides had representations of the teams that participated in the tournament: Braddock High School Bulldogs, Southwest High School Eagles, St. Brendan High School, South Kendall Soccer, and South Miami High School Cobras.  The players and coaches loved it and I think we definitely scored with this one! :p

This next cake was for a baby shower thrown at school for a teacher who was expecting.  It was a surprise, so the teachers organizing the shower just asked us to be creative.  It was difficult, not knowing the mommy-to-be, to design something that we'd know she'd like.  So we looked up her baby registry and designed something around her Winnie the Pooh nursery bedding.  She picked it so we knew she liked it - we just translated it into cake!  And topped it off with a pair of matching sugar baby Converse.  Congratulations, Ms. D!

Finally, one of my husband's former students wanted to order a cake for her boyfriend's 18th birthday.  He's a huge Hurricanes fan, so she wanted a University of Miami themed cake.  She came to the right place!!! (C-A-N-E-S, CANES!!!!)  The cake featured a football field complete with a goal post and a sugar replica of Sebastian the Ibis. 

Thank you J for giving me the chance to show my Hurricane Pride!

We hope to be able to continue to provide the Braddock Family with many more fun cakes :) 
Go Bulldogs!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I have a crush...

Ok, I admit it. I have a cake crush! I have been following this blog for a while now. And I must say I have developed what Viv calls a "cake crush" on them. Recently they blogged about a graduation cake they made based on the old Coppertone ad that featured a little girl who's bottom was being pulled by her dog. I have memories of that ad on a huge billboard here in Miami from when I was a little girl. That cake brought back memories of many fun filled family trips to the beach. I fell in love with it right way. A few weeks later, my co worker asked me to make a cake for her daughter's 21st birthday. Her daughter's only instruction was it had to be a 'Cakes with Attitude' cake! So, I had no theme and no hint as to what to make her other than she wanted it to have stars. I was stumped! What I knew about Charee from her facebook posts was that she loved the beach and her dog, Stella. Her mom told me how she was always making jokes about being born a summer baby. It's hard to have a party when schools out and your friends are off on vacation! I immediately thought about the Coppertone cake. It was the perfect summer baby cake.

Viv made the incredible sugar topper. We changed the dog from the original ad to match Stella and added starfish so she would have her stars. Charee got the joke and loved it. I posted on Sweet Saucy's facebook to thank them for their inspiration and I was beyond stoked when they replied that our cake "turned out great"!!!
<3 Guelcys

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Chandler to my Monica...

("Friends" fans will get the title reference)

As Guelcys mentioned, our husbands have been our rocks throughout this whole journey.  They haven't complained even though we've become "cake supply hoarders," they go on deliveries with us, they build support systems when we need them, and so much more...all in all, they have supported us 100%.  What more could a girl ask for?

So today's post I will dedicate to my hubby, Jorge.  Since this whole adventure started, we've had the chance to make him two very special cakes - which I will share with you now.

In August of 2010, my husband graduated from Graduate school with a Master's degree in American History.  To celebrate, a group of close friends surprised him with lunch at Dave and Buster's and CWA, of course, provided dessert.

This is one of those very personal cakes that requires some explanation.  The top is self explanatory and everything is edible.  The top tier represents a bookshelf holding all of the topics he studied during graduate school and his final thesis.  The bottom tier is postcards representing the 3 places they visited on course travel trips (Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Boston) and 2 postcards representing my graduation gift to him: a cruise to Jamaica and Grand Cayman. 
It was a neat way to give him his graduation present and he was very happy.  Here is a picture from that day and his graduation day - so proud of him!!!! :D

The other cake we made him was a Pink Floyd-inspired 31st birthday cake.  The hubby is a huge music fan and Pink Floyd happens to be one of his favorites.  We celebrated with dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe (very appropriate setting, I thought).  The 'Dark Side of the Moon' topper was made out of sugar.  The top tier was made to represent 'The Wall' and each of the sides of the bottom tier represented other Pink Floyd productions: 'The Division Bell', 'Animals', 'Pulse', and 'Live at Pompeii'.

 Pure coincidence that the shirt he wore to dinner was represented on the cake ;)

Next cake we make him? we will have to wait and see, but it would be safe to bet that it will either music or sports related :)  Always happy to be able to do something special for my #1 supporter.  Love you hubby!