Friday, September 23, 2011

With a Little Help From My [30-year old] Friends...

Making cakes for friends is doubly-rewarding because, not only do you get to make them something awesome, you then get to share the celebration with them.  Here are some of my friend's recent 30th birthday celebrations that we have been part of in the past year.

When our good friend Vilma (who's a huge Disney fan) turned the big 3-0, she planned a trip to Epcot's Food & Wine Festival to mark the big occasion. The guests included the birthday girl, her husband, his two brothers and their wives, Guelcys and her husband, my parents (who happened to be visiting from Philly), my hubby, my princess, and I.  We all had such a blast!  And managed to surprise her with an Hermes purse and shoe cake, complete with lip gloss, a Disney pin, and a Disney Charm bracelet.

She didn't think she was getting a cake since we had to drive it 3.5 hours away to Orlando, but for was our pleasure! 
Love you, V!

Another friend and musician, ViTo, recently turned 30 and we were asked to make a music-themed cake for his party.  We designed his cake complete with a personalized marquee, and a stage featuring a sugar stool, microphone, set list, and a sugar replica of his guitar.  It was a big hit!

Finally, Brett (my co-worker), who is originally from Denver, got this Broncos cake topped with a personalized "30" jersey.  We got lucky that #30 for the Denver Broncos was Terrell Davis (a great player) and not a player that Brett would have been offended to share this jersey with...LOL.

I also surprised Guelcys with an Owl/Cherry Blossom Cake for her last birthday - but I'll let her tell you about it one day ;)


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