Friday, February 10, 2012

Princess Power

This past weekend was a very special one for me and also the reason why we've been remiss in blogging.  My princess Celeste turned 4 years old!  I cannot believe how time flies.  The past month and a half have been spent preparing for her royal celebration and, of course, her princess cake!   My daughter chose the six princesses she wanted represented on the cake: Rapunzel (with Pascal), Tiana (with Frog Naveen), Belle, Jasmine, Ariel (with Flounder), and Aurora.  We topped it with the most important princess of the day - Princess Celeste (with her doggy, Chiqui).  All of the princesses were hand-cut our of sugar paste or fondant, Aurora's fountain was made from white chocolate, the stained glass windows were made of gelatin, and the rocks were chocolate.

The party was a great success and my princess loved her cake! Seeing her reaction that morning made the many many many hours of working on this cake 100% worth it.  :D

Since I'm sharing my own daughter's princess cake, I thought I'd take the opportunity to share two other princess cakes we've done. 
This one was a representation of Rapunzel's Tower from Tangled.  We loved making this cakes and the birthday girl was in absolute awe.  Her expression was priceless!

And this Aurora cake was for my daughter's good friend's third birthday.  The girls had a grand old time wearing the sugar crown :)

These cakes were some of our favorites because no matter how old you are, what girl wouldn't love to be a princess, right?  :p


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