Monday, August 29, 2011

Everybody loves Raymond...especially me =)

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I wanted to start the week by posting about a cake we did for the most important person (besides my parents) in my life. Enjoy!
We have the best husbands who are truly amazing and supportive of our 'cake life'. And boy do they help out! Ray has always been my rock and he is constantly reminding me why I fell in love with him in the first place. I'm not sure that I could have taken on this adventure without him cheering me on. The same same can be said for Viv's husband, Jorge, who I jokingly refer to as my 2nd husband since some weeks I see him more than my own.
Ray and I actually met when I was sixteen and started my very first job at a local grocery chain. We were friendly at work but went to different high schools and lost touch after he transferred to another store. About four years later we ran into each other and well, the rest is history! We celebrated our eleventh wedding anniversary this past July =D And as cheesy as it sounds, we are a perfect fit. When his birthday came around this year I surprised him with a Miami Heat cake complete with a special #35 jersey. I planned for our close friends and family to meet us for lunch at Sports Grill (trying to keep with the theme) and I even managed to get him to wear one of his Heat t-shirts. He loved his cake and had a great time. Not that you can go wrong with wings, beer and of course our yummy cake!
I love you honey! <3 Guelcys

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