Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays!! It's such a treat to be able to have dinner with the entire family and enjoy what's really important in life. And I actually LOVE making the turkey. I wake up early, turn on the Macy's parade and cook all day. And although by dinner time I'm exhausted, I love to see a table full of yummy food and the smiling faces of my family. I am thankful for so many things...a loving husband, a great family and an amazing business partner!
Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!!
 Love, Guelcys

Friday, November 4, 2011

Sisterly Love

What better day to share these next cakes than today...
my brother's birthday! Happy Birthday Chris!!!

Making cakes for family is so much fun. Especially when it's a surprise, like these.

Dad, Mom, Chris, Me & Ray
When I was ten I was blessed (and at times ) with a brother. I had been begging my parents for a sibling for years. I can still remember the day my brother Chris was born like it was yesterday. I wanted to do something special for his 25th birthday last year. We were super busy with other cakes that weekend. I told Chris I hoped he would not be disappointed, but we just didn't have any time to make him a cake. But I lied!! Viv and I had a plan all along. His PS3 was my inspiration for his cake. We even added some Netflix DVDs with special titles. My parents, Ray and I had him meet us for breakfast (we wanted Viv, Jorge and Celeste join us and they were leaving for a cruise so it had to be an early celebration) at a local Cuban restaurant. He was totally surprise!!

Ray was lucky to get two siblings. Milly, his older sister, and Midely, his younger sister. And of course I wanted to make each them their own special creation. Milly is an 80's kid so what better than a full out 80's cake! It had it all from the leg warmers and cassettes to Mrs. Pac Man and a Rubik's cube. And of course what teenage 80's girl didn't love the movie Sixteen Candles (and JAKE RYAN!! Yes, I still remember his name). We changed the title a bit, since it was her 37th birthday, and used it as the inspiration for the sugar topper. Here is a great picture of Ray with his sisters.

The cake idea for Midely's birthday came to me as soon as she told me we were celebrating at her favorite sushi spot. I had wanted to make a sushi cake and this was the perfect opportunity. The whole cake was edible. The bowl, plate and chopsticks were made of sugar and the sushi was made of fondant. She walked in and thought it was real sushi. I love that! It's the best compliment when someone says "that's cake?". 

Hopefully they enjoyed their surprise cakes as much as I enjoyed making them. And I'll just keep them guessing as to when they may be surprised again ;)